"We had 2S Ranch beef and words cannot describe other than 'melt in your mouth goodness,' perfect texture, tenderness & taste."  -Mary, Richardson, TX


"2S beef tastes the way meat used to taste- delicious!" - Patti, Dallas, TX


"We own a natural farm in Greenville TX and have tried to raise good tasting grass fed beef. We were not successful. The beef from the 2S Ranch is incredible. We will stick to raising chickens and pig and leave the beef to the 2S." - R.W. from Holleman Farms 


"The 2S steaks were remarkably tender, juicy and tasty. We ate a lot more steak than we planned on because it tasted so good!" -Mary Plano, TX


"The 2S Ranch beef was seriously the best tasting beef I have ever had.  It reminded me of the flavor of Scottish beef (all the cows are big and fat and lounge around all day long eating the plush green grass).  It was also super juicy while remaining lean – I think this is a difficult balance. Usually lean meat is associated with 'dry' and 'tasteless,' but our sample was not. Our burgers were just perfect."  - Meredith, Richardson, TX


“I am a fairly good cook but lately my burgers have been disappointing. I have tried meats with higher and lower fat content, beef named for baseball legends, and various sauces and cooking techniques.  It’s just a hamburger and shouldn’t be rocket science, right?  I couldn’t believe how flavorful my burgers were with the  2S grass-fed beef.  Just a little coarse salt, freshly ground pepper and a few minutes on the gas grill produced some of the best burgers my family ever tasted! We will definitely be shopping for more.” - Tim, Dallas, TX


"The ribeye steaks were excellent. I always drown my steak in steak sauce and seasonings because I thought that's what you do to make them taste good. We only used salt and pepper on the 2S steaks and the flavor was fabulous. The texture was just right. Not too fibrous, fatty or chewy. Could cut them with a butter knife. We agreed they were a little like eating roast. We really savored every bite!"  - Paula, Plano, TX   


"My kindergartener is very picky when it comes to food. After winning the 2S Ranch giveaway of ground meat I decided to make spaghetti with meat sauce. My daughter loved it and even asked for seconds! The meat was delicious!"  -Katie, Richardson, TX