Meat Counters

Many consumers believe that the meat in the meat counter is the freshest. Usually this is the case because of the red, juicy color of the beef. BUT, did you know that many times grocery stores treat the beef with carbon monoxide to stabilize the color? The carbon monoxide treatment lasts weeks. So that ribeye you bought from the meat counter for your family and friends, may actually be several weeks old. And not just that, your feeding your family and guests chemicals. Just something to consider.


Our Label

We like to keep our label simple. Most meat labels are vague and misleading. Our label tells you what is most important:

1. What ranch

2. Where the ranch is located

3. Kind of Beef: Grass-Fed/ Grass- Finished

4. No Hormones or Antibiotics

5. Our website, so you can see for yourself


Protecting Your Family

Two big reason that we strongly believe in producing pure, grass-fed/finished beef are because of the health benefits and knowing where our beef comes from. When you buy beef at the grocery store, there is no way of knowing if the label is true. It bothers me that labels can claim things using vague buzzwords such as "natural" and "organic."  We found it important to know the truth about the beef we eat not only for ourselves, but for our children and grandchildren. Why wouldn't you want to feed your children the best? Are you protecting your family when it comes to the food that you're feeing them?