Hummingbird Season is Here!

The start of hummingbird season is now! It usually begins the end of March and continues through the summer. We see hummingbirds out at the ranch, hence the beautiful hummingbird feeders in The Provision House! We love to watch these small birds with their wings beating so quickly stop for a snack at our feeder! Now is the time to put your feeders out and leave them out until October. The humming birds are migrating back to North Texas from Mexico and will begin nesting soon. After they finished nesting and new babies are born is when the fun really begins! This usually occurs in July. 

A Helpful Tip: Be sure that your feeders are cleaned regularly and that the nectar is changed out twice a week. With this kind of care you will have a better chance of seeing more hummingbirds throughout the season. 

Nectar Recipe: 1 part table sugar, 4 parts water (you do not need red food coloring, unless you just want it)


Happy Hummingbird Watching!