Vanilla Bean Paste

Vanilla bean paste has become quite popular with chefs and other food professionals, but what is it? Vanilla bean paste is the best kept secret that has been around since the 1990's. It's a paste that is a sort of hybrid between vanilla extract and vanilla beans.  It results in a super fragrant, sweet, speckled end product with the convenience of a quick scoop of the teaspoon (the flavor is actually stronger than that of vanilla extract). Vanilla bean paste can be used in any recipe in place of vanilla extract or vanilla beans. 

So what can I make using vanilla bean paste? You can use it in any recipe that calls for vanilla. Although, it does leave a brownish tint, so it's not ideal to use it in icings or light colored frostings. However, it is great for cookies, pancakes, homemade ice cream, cakes, French Toast.... the list is endless! 

  • To substitute vanilla bean paste for vanilla extract, simply use the same amount called for in the recipe. 
  • To substitute vanilla bean paste for whole vanilla beans, use 1 tablespoon of paste per 1 whole vanilla bean called for in the recipe.


Shop The Provision House for Blue Cattle Truck Vanilla Bean Paste and Vanilla Extract.

Blue Cattle Truck Vanilla

We like to carry products that are made in Texas.  However, Vanilla is something that we do not necessarily want to originate in Texas.  Instead, we travel south of the border to the Canosa family farm outside of Veracruz, Mexico.  The Provision House is an established retailer for the Blue Cattle Truck Company allowing us to share with our customers the wonderful Canosa family farm vanilla.   

The History of the Canosa Family and the meaning of the Blue Cattle Truck:

Vanilla grows naturally only in Mexico, thanks to the melipona bee population. Deep inside of Veracruz, Mexico the Canosa family worked away cultivating the perfect vanilla. That’s where founders Molly Anderson and Sherry Dixon come in. The rest, we can say, is history. Together they established the Blue Cattle Truck Trading Company in 1999 to share the precious Canosa family reserve of vanilla with the entire world.

So why the Blue Cattle Truck? Well, back when Molly and Sherry were in high school they rumbled to class every day in a blue cattle truck. It was either that, or walk. It’s easy to see how a vehicle like that could potentially ruin a reputation at school. How could anyone miss that truck with it’s Ford build and wooden sidings over a thick metal body? But Sherry and Molly embraced it. In fact, it became an icon of their friendship as well as their business.

We taste and test all of The Provision House product and The Blue Cattle Truck vanilla is really delicious! The flavor is bold and is great for all of your baking needs!