Cowboy Small

One of our grandsons loved having Lois Lenski’s book, “Cowboy Small” read to him when he was about two years old. My son and daughter in-law would read it over and over to him while he listened with his straw cowboy hat on. He named the characters in the book. The Cowboy Small (in the yellow shirt) is our grandson, the cook is me (so fitting, I'm grilling up some 2S ranch grass-fed/ finished beef) and the cowboy in the light blue shirt… with the WHISKERS is Honey (Martye)! You can see “her” more clearly in the bunk room picture… “she” is the one sleeping on the bottom bunk. This used to give us the biggest laugh!

This book has resurfaced at their house now that their youngest son is one and a half years old. He enjoys the book as much as his older brother! While reading this book to their youngest, my daughter in-law called their oldest son (now six and a half years old) to come look at the pictures. He took one look, didn’t miss a beat and said, “look there’s granddaddy, Honey and me.” Some things never change!