Cattle Delivery

We delivered cattle to Huse Meat Co. in Malone, Texas on Tuesday morning.  We logged in our tag numbers and got several additional tags from their office. Pam, who works for Huse, met us at the pens.  Kevin backed up our 2S Cattle Trailer into the narrow pen lane. Trent helped Kevin unload the cattle.  Man, our cattle looked like show animals, compared to the other cattle in the Huse pens. Kevin headed back to the 2S with the rig..... while Trent, David, and I drove up to Grandview.  We had an appointment with Wendy Taggart of Burgundy Beef. Wendy showed us their process center after we dropped off our 2S Ranch labels in her office.  We talked beef cuts, freezing procedures, packaging and pick-up details with her.