The Fulk Ranch

Last week our ranch foreman, Kevin, and I headed down to our other ranch in the Pecos. It's known as the Fulk Ranch. We wanted to put our eyes on the ranch and discuss our future plans for the land. 

The ranch is located about 25 miles north of Marathon, Texas or about 85 miles from Big Bend National Park. The ranch is located in the majestic Glass Mountians.  We have owned an interest in this legacy Ranch since 2006. Currently, we are resting the ranch after the stress of the severe drought and fires of several years ago.  By this, I mean we have no livestock grazing the ranch and we have prohibited all hunting.  We want the ranch to heal.  Our plan is to start grazing the ranch in 2017/2018.  We have elk, aoudad sheep, mule deer, Javelina, bobcats, and mountian lions on the ranch.  The elk herd is one of a few open range elk herds in the state.  The elevation of the ranch varies from 3500 ft to 4600 ft above sea level.  The ranch shares a fence with the famous La Escalera Ranch.  Other famous ranches near the ranch are the Longfellow Ranch and the Allison Ranch.  

More to come on Fulk Ranch at a later time!