Dinner From The Provision House

Martye had taken out two Holleman Farms pork chops for dinner.  Bluebonnet immediately came to attention at the mention of pork chops (hoping for the best).  While Mart put together a Caesar salad,  I heated up the grill and started thinking about creating a glaze.  I mixed a little Fischer & Wieser Smokey Plum Chipotle Sauce with a dab of Stonewall Kitchen Maple Bacon Aioli and a spoon of Kinloch Pecan oil in a small bowl and tossed in five blackberries. What I like about these tasty sauces from The Provision House, is that I can create a gourmet glaze pretty quickly. After grilling the pork chops for about 5 minutes I began to baste my concoction on the pork chops.  After 15-20 minutes on the grill I muddled the blackberries on the salt plate and placed the pork chops on the muddled blackberries.  Five minutes later, I took the pork chops off the grill and spooned the blackberries and juices that had pooled on the surface of the salt plate onto the top of the chops.   I placed a couple of fresh blackberries on the pork chop for presentation and served our dinner with two glasses of Epoch Estate wine.    

(The Himalayan Salt Plate, Core Basting Brush, Core Tongs, Holleman Farms pork chops, Kinloch Pecan Oil, Fischer & Wieser Smokey Plum Chipolte Sauce and Stonewall Kitchen Maple Bacon Aioli are all available for purchase in The Provision House).