A Moveable Feast

"A Moveable Feast" is the title of a collection of memoirs by Ernest Hemingway about his years in Paris during the 1920's.  I like to use Hemingway's title when describing certain dinner events with good friends.  We have such an event planned for this weekend. Eight great friends will gather for "A Moveable Feast." The Two Fit Chefs have been enlisted to create our dinner. The Chefs plan to serve braised 2S Ranch Beef Short Ribs.  Their preparation of the ribs...is know to bring out the intense flavor of the beef which just falls off the bone. Each couple has been instructed to bring a favorite wine or two.  I am pondering two wine possibilities, a Saint-Julien 2005 Chateau Gloria or a 2012 Amizetta Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon. The meaty richness of the 2S Ranch beef ribs demands a full-bodied wine. Either one of these bold wines will pair well with the short ribs.  As Ernest Hemingway said "Wine is the most civilized thing in the world." and with the lively talk and laughter of our guests will complete our Moveable Feast.