L' Oivier Restaurant- Santa Fe, NM

Last week we delivered 50 lbs. of our famous 2S Ranch grass-fed/finished beef short ribs to one of the "Top 10 Best Restaurants" in Santa Fe, New Mexico, L'Olivier Restaurant.  The Owner/Chef of L'Oivier, Xavier Grenet, had talked to Martye and me about our 2S Ranch grass-fed beef back in the Fall.  Xavier wanted to know about the ranch, the breed of cattle, and the grasses.  Martye and I mentioned we were the 31st ranch in the nation to get certified by the USDA Quality Assessment Division SVS Grass Fed Program.

Xavier Grenet was trained at L'Ecole Francaise de la Gastronomie Ferrandi in Paris and at L'Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne in Switzerland.  He was also the head chef on award winning movies directed by Luc Besson:"Le Grand Bleu" (1997) and "The Professional" (1993).   L'Olivier is consistently voted as one of the best restaurants in Santa Fe. 

We are very selective and careful as to which restaurants we will partner with in suppling our grass-fed/finished beef. We're excited to partner with L'Oivier!