Hillbilly Nutrition Co-Operative

Did you know that you can order our grass-fed/finished beef through Hillbilly Nutrition Co-Operative? Not only can you order our beef, but you can also order Holleman Farms' pasture-raised chicken, pork and eggs along with raw dairy, locally roasted coffee, kombucha, homemade elderberry and so much more! 

Tracy is the founder of Hillbilly Nutrition Co-Operative and she strongly believes that many of the health issues we face today are due to the fact that for so many years we have been offered something disguised as food. She's found it her mission to help others eat healthy! Tracy does this by finding the best, local, real foods and supplying them to her customers (basically she does all of the searching and shopping and you enjoy healthy groceries!).  Check out her website and #eatlikeahillbilly!