What's Wrong With A Corn- Based Diet

You've read it here many times over the past year and a half, grass-fed beef is better for your health. Research is proving that all of the health concerns revolving around eating beef are based off of corn-fed beef and not grass-fed beef.  But why is a corn-based diet bad, and what is the risk you take on when you eat beef that was raised on a corn-based diet? We are going to explore these two questions over the next few weeks. Today we will start with E. Coli. 

During WWII farmers had a surplus of corn and began feeding it to cattle. They soon realized the cows grew faster on a corn diet. What used to take years was not happening in a matter of months. Today, thanks to antibiotics, growth hormones, protein supplements and corn cows reach their processing weight in 6-12 months. 

The problem with feeding cattle corn is simply this, cows were never meant to be fed a corn diet. A corn diet causes acid levels to dangerously rise in the cow's stomach. The rise is aside causes sicknesses such as acidosis, necessitating medications and antibiotics which create prime conditions for the existence of E. Coli. When you hear recalls for beef because of E. Coli it's due to the diet of the cow. 

I don't know about you, but the numbers in the chart above are huge! Definitely me makes me think twice about how my beef was fed!

More to come later!