Cattle Drive

This past weekend Trent and his family were out at the ranch. Trent had a triathlon race at Possum Kingdom on Sunday morning. We all got up early (around 5 am) on Sunday and headed out to the lake to watch the race. When we returned from the race around noon, we were all tired and hungry, especially Trent. As we were pulling in I noticed that some of our cattle had made their way onto the wheat field. I needed to move them into the adjacent pasture. We ate a few bites of lunch and then I gave Trent that look that only a father can give his son and told him we needed to move those cows. I knew he was tired but it's a two man job. It was burning hot and it took us a few tries to say the least. The cows would get so close to the gate and then run back the other direction. I know Martye, Holly and my grands were having a good laugh, but heck it was frustrating! Finally, those cows cooperated and we went inside for a cold glass of sweet tea.