My Son The Banker, A Bison Horn, Charles Goodnight & A Small Business Owner Part 3

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Three months later... My 87 year old Dad was in town to spend the day with me. We drove to Ed' Vitovsky's fabrication shop to pick up the display case and the Goodnight Bison horn. On the way down there a car pulls in front of us and a young man in business attire sticks his head out of the passenger's side. Its my banker son, Grant.  He and one of his downtown banking buddies were heading down to the Bishop's art district for lunch.  He spotted my truck with Bluebonnet's kennel in the bed driving down Beckley Ave. Grant mouths back to us, "what the heck are you and PawPaw doing down here?"  I called him on my cell phone and tell him we are picking up a bison horn.  All he could say was "WHAT?.....a bison horn?" My 30-something executive banker son still has a hard time surrounding the fact that we bring eggs, pork, chicken and beef into the metroplex to sell.    Something about "a bison horn" may have sent him over the edge.  Millennials!! 

Mart and I are thinking of displaying the Goodnight Bison horn at The Provision House.  Come by The Provision House on any Thursday or Friday and put your eyes on some true Texas history.  Oh and check out my vintage spur and 1800's authentic saddle bags.  I like old Texas things!