My Son The Banker, A Bison Horn, Charles Goodnight & A Small Business Owner Part 2

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In the process of finding a way to display my piece of history, I came across Ed Vitovsky.  Ed has been in business since 1972.  Not many small businesses have been in operation for that length of time. Ed told me that a lot of folks are shocked that he is still in business. Ed tells me, "People think I'm dead".  This man is a legend in his field.

He operates a unique fabrication shop in the heart of Dallas. The shop is not in the nicest neighborhood... metal bars are on the door and windows.  He keeps the door locked. Once I got there I had to call him on the phone to get him to let me in. Ed is the exclusive plastics fabricator for some of the best Museums in Texas.  He is a craftsman of extraordinary talent. We talked Texas history.  Ed loves history  as much as I do.  Back in May, Ed told me it would take several months before he would be able to craft a design for my bison horn because he was working on a big project for the Dallas Art Museum.  I left the horn with Ed and headed home.  I love small business owners like Ed. (To Be Continued....)