It Tastes Better

I've had several people tell me that they don't like grass-fed beef. They give reasons such as it's tough, dry or not as flavorful as they had hoped. I can usually sympathize with them because yes, we've tried grass-fed beef from the grocery store. However, after I sympathize with them I ask them if they've tried our grass-fed/finished beef. The answer is usually no and they ask me, "Why? Does your beef taste different?" The answer to that is yes and here's why.

1. Grass-Fed & Finished- Unlike most beef that is labeled "grass-fed," our beef is also grass-finished. This means that our cattle are never given any grains or corn, not even right before processing to fatten them up. Some beef that is labeled "grass-fed" is not grass-finished. If you're not buying from us, then you need to read your label carefully or ask your beef supplier. 

2. The Environment- Believe it or not, the environment plays a factor in how the beef tastes. The types of grasses that the cow digests and the water can make or break the flavor of the beef. I can't give an exact answer as to why, but we've worked really hard to get the right mix of native grasses on the ranch. 

3. Our Herd- This may sound obvious, but the beef tastes different depending on the breed (Angus, Hereford, Holstein etc.). We have Angus cattle at the 2S Ranch.  

4. Our Routine- How the rancher handles the cattle leading up to the processing can made a huge difference in the beef. If the cattle are stressed then they release hormones into their muscles that can materially affect the taste of the beef. We work very carefully to load our cattle up and we even have a route to the processor that is less stressful. If we load the cattle up and something does not go as planned then we turn around and head back to the ranch. 

5. The Processor- We have a great relationship with our processor, Fischer's Meat Market. We've found a perfect balance when it comes to how many days we need to age our beef. The magic number for us is 10, 10 days. If the beef is over aged or under aged the tenderness is not perfect. 

We'd love for you to try our beef! Give us a chance to change your mind on grass-fed beef. We promise that you'll be glad you did!