The Removal of Country of Origin Labels

Have you heard about the possibility of the country of origin labels (COOL) being removed from beef, chicken & pork? The law currently states that supermarkets must disclose where the meat was born, raised and processed. However, the House of Representatives voted 300-130 to remove the labels after Canada and Mexico said the law was unfair to foreign farmers and ranchers. They've threatened retaliation tariffs that  could cost the U.S. billions of dollars. The World Trade Organization agreed with Canada and Mexico that the law was unjust. The U.S. Senate has yet to vote on this issue, but it looks as if the labels could be going away for good. 

Not to say that Canadian and Mexican farmers and ranchers do not do their job well, but every consumer has the right to know as much as they would like to know about the meat that they put into their bodies. This is just another reason that drives us to provide pure, grass-fed/ grass-finished beef for our family and yours. Our cattle are born, raised and processed in Texas. The beef goes from our hands, to the processors and back to our hands before we pass it along to you. We are transparent because we take great pride in our ranching practices and we want our customers to trust us and our beef.