The Feedlot

It's easy for us to not think about where our beef comes from. Let's face it, we're happy to have beef on our plate and we don't like thinking about how it got there. However, it's important to your health to know how the beef got to your plate.  Here are three facts about feedlot cattle to think about the next time you're choosing the beef that will end up on your plate:

1. Because there are so many cattle crammed into a small area the cattle must given antibiotics to fight off sickness and disease. The contamination is due to the tight quarters and filth that the cows are kept in. Traces of those antibiotics are then passed along to the consumer's body. 


2. The cattle in feedlots are fed mainly a corn and grain diet. This in some sense is inhumane because cow's bodies are not designed to properly digest this type of diet. In fact, cattle from feedlots are near death due to bloating stomachs when they are taken to processing. You're eating beef from a sick cow. Beef that comes from cows fed grains and corn does not have the high nutritional value nor the taste that grass-fed beef does. 


3. Seriously, do these cows look happy? Would they rather be roaming in pastures full of lush grass? Is it humane to treat cattle in this manner? Do you feel okay supporting this type of practice? Something to think about.