Beef in Switzerland

I was surprised the beef was not better in Switzerland. The Swiss have us beat on chocolates and panoramic views but not on beef. I guess they are more concerned with dairy for their cheeses and chocolate. We dined out in St. Moritz. The dining experience as to service and style was wonderful. The disappointment was in the lack of flavor of the beef cuts. I believe the flavor of beef is influenced by the breed of cattle, what the cattle eat, and the water that they drink. For example, the beef from our ranch will taste different than beef from a ranch in East Texas. The cattle can be raised the exact same way, but the environment (the grass & water) can play a big part in the way the beef tastes.  

I suspect the beef we had was not local but imported beef. Sadly, the best part of the sirloin steak I had at Stefani in St. Moritz was the hollandaise sauce. The steak itself had no flavor. When creating a dinner.... always start with the best provisions.