Cattle Drop Off

This morning, Kevin our ranch manager got up before sunrise and started the process of loading our cattle into the trailer. The night before he had rounded the steer we were taking to market up into our permanent pens. By 7:00 AM he and his wife Kelly were on the road heading toward Muenster, Texas. We process our cattle at Fischer's Meat Market in Muenster. Fischer's has been in business since 1927, they are a third generation meat processor. David Chase (our Provision House buyer who is helping me out since Trent is out of the country) and I took out for Muenster at about the same time Kevin and Kelly pulled out from the 2S. Around 9:00 AM, Steve Fischer met us at the scales for the unloading and weigh-in at Fischer's.
After the weigh-in, David and I dropped off 1000 of our 2S meat labels at Penny Fischer's desk and went to the back to talk to Janice. We advised her, that Penny had the specifications on all our beef cuts. Janice handled our paper work and let us know our packaged 2S beef would be ready for pick up on June 26th. On the way out of town, David and I stopped at a neat little German Bakery in Muenster for coffees and some blueberry scones. We'll be back up this way on the 26th to pick up our beef and to reconfirm our July cattle drop off date and beef details.