The Provision House Storefront

The 2S Ranch located in Palo Pinto County will be opening a store in the Metroplex soon.  Our store is appropriately named The Provision House.  All big legacy ranches back in the day had a provision house.   Provisions for every day ranch living could be purchased there.  If a cowboy needed supplies before going out on a cattle drive such as the Goodnight Loving Trail, he and his cohorts could purchase supplies at the ranch provision house.  In our Provision House you will find our grass-fed beef, free range chickens, natural pork, and free range eggs.  In addition, there will be authentic well crafted provisions for all members of the family.  The Provision House is currently under construction at The Shops of Promenade.  The store address is 300 North Coit Road, Suite 100, Richardson, Texas 75080.   We tentatively will be opening our doors on June 25th.
The Shops of Promenade are located just north of the Coit/Beltline intersection on the east side of Coit Rd. The Provision House is directly under the Promenade Tower....look for our sign. We love this location for several reasons one of which is the free covered parking for our customers behind the shops. During the month of May who didn't want covered parking with all the rain we had.  In the middle of August when the outside temperature hits 105F, covered parking will also be sweet. If you park in the back then go through the sliding glass doors and look for the store on your right.  There also is plenty of uncovered parking in the front....again look for our distinctive sign. After parking in the front, go down the steps, through the glass doors and look for our store on your left. The Provision House will be open on Thursday and Friday of each week from 9:00 AM til 4:00 PM.

The Provision House
300 N. Coit Rd, Suite 100
Richardson, Texas 75080