Our Brand- Repost

Just the other day I was thinking about this, so I thought I would repost about the time we registered our brand!

 The dream of the ranch always revolved around family. I pictured it as a place where we could be with family. A place where our boys and eventually their own families could come and enjoy. When thinking of a name for the ranch I wanted one that encompassed our family. Therefore, we came up with the name “Double S.”  The double standing for two ’S's,’ our last name, Simmons, and Martye’s maiden name, Sculley.

When we got our first herd of cattle I realized that it was time to come up with a brand. I drove out to the county courthouse in Palo, Pinto. I found my way upstairs to a small office.  There is a little old lady sitting behind a counter. I told her that I was there to register our brand.  I began looking around and quickly realized that there was no computer. How in the world was I going to register a brand and be sure that it is original in the state of Texas without a computer? The little lady stood up and retrieved  a huge, green, dusty ledger book. She brought it back over to the counter but before setting it down she blew the dust off of the top. At this point I began to wonder if I had stepped back in time. I asked to register the brand as “SS.” She looked up at me and said in a thick Texas accent, “Sorry, hun, that’s taken.” How did she know that without looking in the green book I have no idea. I said,” Ok... how about ‘2S?’ To that she replied, “Okay, sign here,” as she opened the green ledger book and pointed to a line for me to sign on. She charged me $16 for the registration and I left the office scratching my head and wondering how and if that data was ever going to make it's way to Austin.