4th of July Prep

Whether you are hosting an Independence Day celebration or you're going to be a guest at one, The Provision House has the perfect provisions for you!  We think that these provisions make great host gifts or they will help you to throw a rockin' Fourth of July party! 

Read below about the products and how we think they could enhance your celebration of the stars and stripes!

1. Luci Lantern: The Luci Lantern is the best light to use while sitting in the dark waiting for the fireworks to begin! It's collapsible, waterproof, light weight and it is solar charged. These lanterns also make great decorative statements by stringing them up to decorate the backyard or by simply allowing them to float freely in your swimming pool! Kids really love these! 

2. Salt Block: If you're going to be grilling don't miss out on the Himalayan salt plate! This salt block is truly the best on the market (we did our research)! Your guests will be so impressed by your grilling skills, especially when you tell them that you didn't even have to add any spices or rub to your meat! When grilling on the salt block, our meat has always turned out to be juicy, flavorful and very tender. Give it a try!

3. Chocolate Habanero Fudge Sauce: Is homemade ice cream on your menu for the Fourth? This chocolate habanero sauce would be the perfect topping! The sweet chocolate flavor with a little kick of habanero adds a delicious southwest flavor to any dessert. Yum!!

4. Peach Habanero Ambrosia: Nothing says summertime like the sweet taste of peaches! This ambrosia sauce has a twist on our favorite summer treat by adding a little spice with habanero. It's not too hot, we promise! Serve this as an appetizer over cream cheese with crackers, or with pork, fish or poultry. One thing's for sure,  it's a crowd pleaser! 

5. Burlap American Flag Pillow: Celebrate the stars and stripes with this adorable burlap pillow. Whether you're hosting a party of not, it's a great way to add a patriotic decorative element to any room in your house! Once again, this could also be a cute way to thank a host for a wonderful celebration! 

6. Steak Thermometers: Impress your 4th of July guests by getting the temperature of their 2S Ranch grass-fed/ finished beef just perfect! These steak thermometers are easy to use and come in a package of four.  Aim to please everyone around your Independence Day table with your grilling abilities with the help of these steak thermometers. 

7: Burlap Rope Picture Frame: This versatile picture frame would make the perfect host gift whether you are visiting friends at the lake or a ranch. The rope and stripped fabric give off a nautical flare while the rope and burlap make the frame seem country. Either way, this adorable frame would be a great way to say thanks for a rockin' Fourth of July!