On The Grill

I grilled kabobs on the salt block yesterday evening.  After getting my grill heat above 400 degrees, I re-coated the blocks with avocado oil. I carefully arranged the chicken and beef kabobs on the blocks....trying to keep everything on the skewers.  The heat is pretty intense.  While they grill I enjoyed my Flat Tire Amber Ale and read e-mails on my IPad from our contractor on the build-out of The Provision House (We are having flooring issues). After turning the kabobs once, I put the vegetables on the salt block. The kabobs came out perfect as did the vegetables. Sweet!  For dinner, Martye and I shared a chicken and beef kabob... saving the other two for tomorrow.  The salt blocks, avocado oil, and the beef & chicken kabob meat can be purchased in The Provision House, as well as the tooled leather bracelet on my wrist.  I am not a big jewelry guy.... however I do like tooled leather. The bracelet is custom made by a Texas leather craftman specifically for the 2S Ranch.