TBT- Cinco de Mayo Martye & Bart Style

 Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican victory over France (of all countries) at the Battle of Puebla, May 5, 1862. Martye and I celebrated by having a wonderful dinner on the patio. We decided to go with Holleman Farms thick pork chops on the grill. Our sides would be hand cut baked sweet potato fries and garlic roasted broccoli.  Pork pairs well with either white or red wine just depending on your mood and taste.  I was in a Malbec kind of mood. I selected a Mendoza Argentina 2013 Malbec. I pulled the cork and let it breath while I fired up the grill.  We decided to go more eclectic with our grilling tonight by using a Himalayan Salt Block.  

Once the grill got up to 500 degrees I coated the salt block with Avocado oil.  This oil is best used for high heat applications.  I laid two Holleman Farms pork chops on the salt block and garnished each with fresh rose mary from the garden. Time now to pour us a glass of that 2013 Malbec and check our e-mails and photos of the Grands. Bluebonnet is not happy, she really wants to play (look at those sad eyes below). I added the garlic roasted broccoli to the salt block and turn the pork chops.        

After about 15 minutes it was time to take the Salt Block off the grill.  The neat thing about the Salt Block is that it continues to hold a high temp and cook your food at the table.  This makes a stellar presentation as well.  I thanked the Lord for our meal, Martye and I toasted and we were ready to taste this beautiful meal.  The pork chops are juicy and out of this world delicious! We talked and enjoyed our Cinco de Mayo dinner on our patio as the Texas sun set. It was a great ending to our day!

Please know the Himalayan Salt Block and the Holleman Farm free range pork chops are available for purchase in The Provision House.