The Truth About Pork

It seems that pork has been given a bad reputation when it comes to  nutrition. We've all heard that pork is not good for us because the meat is contaminated due to the uncleanliness of pigs. We're told that pigs carry viruses, diseases and eat everything. Well let us set the record straight for you. 

Yes, pork coming from feedlots and factory farms is not a healthy choice when it comes to meat. Those pigs live in tight quarters, crammed into small spaces with very little space to move around. They live in filth! Some of them are never even given the chance to go outside. Due to dirty and small living conditions these pigs do carry and spread diseases. They are fed things that are not natural for a pig to be eating. Please, stay away from pork coming from this environment!

On the other side, pigs who are given pastures to roam freely and who eat a natural diet are healthy. In fact, pasture raised pork is a great source of Vitamin C, zinc, phosphorus, niacin, protein, Vitamin B-12, selenium, omega-3 and iron. Pasture raised pork not only tastes better than the flavorless pork produced in feedlots or factory farms, but it also has higher levels of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which is a natural cancer fighter. A rule of thumb is that the nutrition of pork is  dependent on the time that the pig spent outdoors in the sunshine and its diet. The more time the pig was outside and eating a natural diet, the healthier the pork. 

Yes, pork is not great for us unless it was raised naturally in a pasture on a natural diet. If you're looking to try pork check out Holleman Farms (in fact we have some pork packages for sale in The Provision House Meat Market). They have the most natural and best tasting pork around! You can trust Holleman Farms.