Bachin' It

I prepared my dinner the last two evenings.   The first night I grilled a one pound Ribeye steak to perfection on the Himalayan Salt Block. The second night I grilled wild Copper River salmon and fresh assorted peppers on the Himalayan Salt Block. I figured a salad, bread, or other sides were just not necessary. guessed it....Martye's out of town (she's helping Trent and his family move to Europe for the summer).


I've been experimenting with our Salt Blocks. Upon Martye's return from Europe, I've got a surprise dessert planned for her - my version of Bananas Foster.  After heating the salt block on the grill, I lightly butter it and toss a few firm bananas cut in half (that I've sprinkled with nutmeg)  on the block.  I grill each side of the bananas for about 20 seconds.  I turn off the grill and douse the block with a little rum and ignite.  After blowing out the flame, I serve the bananas with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.  The bananas are barely salted and completely caramelized.   They taste delicious and contrast well with the ice cream.  I'm thinking about dribbling a little Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur over the ice cream too.  Photos to come of my concoction - appropriately named Jay Bart Bananas Foster.   Check out our salt blocks in The Provision House.