Where Are Your Eggs From?

We've all heard about factory farming. Most all of us can agree that it's not the best environment for the animals. It's easy to say these things, but when you see a picture it really drives the point home. Here is a picture of hens in a factory farming environment. These hens are laying eggs and can't even move. They are literally stuck in a cage just big enough for their bodies. Notice the guy (or girl) in the suit... That can't be a good sign. 

Why does it matter where the eggs come from or how the hen was raised? Remember, the way an animal is raised directly correlates to the quality of the meat or eggs in this instance. Hens that are kept in close quarters like these are 99% of the time given antibiotics to keep them healthy. The eggs and meat will have traces of those drugs in them, which are then passed along to you when you consume them. Also, these hens are not able to move around. Therefore they will produce eggs that have more fat, cholesterol and fewer healthy vitamin A, vitamin E, beta carotene and omega-3 fatty acids (healthy fats). Not to mention 3-6 times more vitamin D! 

Holleman Farms on the other hand, raise their hens like this.... They taste better and have a higher nutritional value!

Where do you want your eggs coming from? We will have Holleman Farms eggs available beginning July 2nd at The Provision House store! 

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