National Siblings Day

"There's no friend like a brother."

I'm the second oldest in a line up of four boys. Growing up, our folks moved around a lot. We lived in places like Shreveport, New Iberia, Lafayette, Beaumont, Jackson and Mobile. The four of us grew up bunking together in many small houses in these towns. We were your typical bunch of boys! We'd cowboy, hunt, fight and work odd jobs together all along the upper Gulf Coast. I remember one night we fist fought each other until sunrise! It was epic! We'd also dance with our momma like nobody was watching. We'd cut-in on each other and throw a fit to Two-Step the next song with her. Momma loved it! 

Today, the four of us call each other often to catch up, verify a fact and/or to share a memory. We try to get together a couple of times a year for a game of 42, to visit our dad, possibly for a bird hunt or sometimes just to have brother cut-up time (which honestly happens no matter what!). We still have a blast together and I can't imagine what growing up without my three brothers would have been like.