7 Reasons Why Grass-Fed/ Finished Beef Is Best

1. Healthy Fats- Grass-fed beef is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and higher levels of CLA (a type of fat that protects against cancer, heart disease and diabetes).  

2. More Vitamins- Grass-fed beef has seven times more beta-carotene (related to vitamin A) and twice as much Vitamin E than that of grain-fed beef.

3. It's Safer- Cows that are raised in feedlots usually require antibiotics due to their poor diet of grains and the terrible state of their environment (cow waste everywhere). Small levels of antibiotic residue can cause damage in human gut bacteria. Bacteria consistently exposed to antibiotics become antibiotic resistant which is likely to make cows and humans sicks (think E-coli).  

4. More Humane- Cows who are free to graze outside in open pastures (in their natural environment) are guaranteed to have a better life than those that were kept in confinement. Cows raised in confinement usually suffered from infection and are given antibiotics. More than 80% of all antibiotics used in the US are given to animals that we consume. Ranchers who produce grass-fed beef use significantly less antibiotics because their cows simply do not need them.

5.No GMO's/ Fewer Pesticide Residues- Cows that are grain-fed are usually fed soy and corn. Over 90% of soy and corn grown in the US are genetically modified to withstand the application of pesticides. The pesticides are then passed into the tissue of the cow, which later you consume.  

6. Easier To Digest- Eating conventional grain-fed beef can cause heartburn, bloating and other digestive trouble. This is due to the soy, corn and antibiotic residue that is left in the beef. 

7. Better For The Environment- Grain-fed beef can be hazardous for the environment. There is a large amount of water, fertilizers and pesticides that are used to grow the grain, then it needs to be transported for processing into feedlots and then shipped again. All of this requires the use of fossil fuels. Also, the animal waste that comes from feedlots seeps into underground water and rivers. Their feces contains antibiotic residues that get washed into water. Grass-fed cows who roam in pastures spread out their waste and it naturally fertilizes the land.