Throw Back To The American Cowboy

Throw back to the latter half of the 19th century when America saw the "golden age" of the American cowboy.  Today we can still see the mark that the cowboy made upon this country. Many words of our everyday usage owe their existence to the cowboy, even if a few of them came to us via his Spanish and Mexican compadre, the vaquero: dogie, Maverick, lariat, remuda, dally, stampede, and chuck wagon, just to name a few. The American cowboys came from different walks of life. 25% of the Cowboys were black, many of whom had either fled slavery or were looking for a new start in life and seeking it out West. A good number of cowboys were Hispanic, too. Women also contributed their share, although we will probably never know just how many women, disguised as men, fled with the herds to escape an unadventurous life.

                   - Kathy Etling