Pecan Oil & The Perfect Cinnamon Rolls

A true story by David Chase, The Provision House buyer!

A recent Friday night I used a sample bottle of Kinloch pecan oil in cooking on my Salt Rox. The Salt Rox requires a high heat oil and pecan oil was a great choice as the result was an excellent cooking combination.

Saturday was here and I thought it appropriate, as I often do, to make my Saturday morning Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. The directions state to grease the pan so I decided to give my pecan oil a try. I realize this is amateur hour for the many uses of pecan oil but it seemed appropriate.

Before you conclude this is my first go round with cinnamon rolls you should know that I consider myself a bit of a cinnamon roll connoisseur. I have sampled other brands but always return to the tried and true, cinnamon roll of my youth, Pillsbury. I have used cookie sheets, pans; circular and rectangular, varying temperatures and times. I have a little experience with this and lest you think this is a new found interest…remember the icing candle of 2005? When doughboy rudely surprised my taste buds one Saturday morning with an imposter icing flavor. I called them up to verify my taste buds had not deceived me. They had indeed changed the original flavor so I quickly ascertained the untainted product codes and hoarded at all the local grocers. I then proceeded with a letter to the Pillsbury Doughboy himself to express my disdain. You must know it took a couple of decades to establish such a discerning pallet capable of detecting this bait and switch by the Doughboy executives. You should also know, a few months later Pillsbury wisely reversed their decision returning to the original formula. Additionally I received an update letter (I considered it their apology) and a few vouchers for my troubles. They cited something about numerous complaints but I am sure the Doughboy was most moved by my heartfelt letter. Alas, my rabbit trail ends, but now you know I have been consuming these particular cinnamon rolls for a very long time. Some might call me a bit OCD…I call it thorough. 

So back to the pecan oil….My longtime issue has been the bottoms of the cinnamon rolls. Presentation and flavor are both very important to me so my lingering struggle has been an appropriately cooked, yet presentable and flavorful cinnamon roll. Over the years I’ve used butter, oils, shortening, played with temperatures, etc...

This past Saturday was different. I placed a layer of Kinloch pecan oil on the cookie sheet, laid the cinnamon rolls down with love and cooked for exactly 14 minutes at 375 degrees. The result was amazing. I discovered a perfect combination of coloring/presentation, flavor and texture. The pecan oil, withstanding high heat, had not burned or more bluntly, welded the rolls to the cooking surface. I was quite pleased with the finished product.

Before I ice the rolls I use a knife to make a little reservoir in the top of each roll so the result is burst of icing goodness at the middle of the cinnamon roll. Did I mention I am thorough?

Kinloch pecan oil has many more uses and those I have tried have been successful. With that in mind, the 2S Ranch is pleased to endorse and recommend Kinloch Pecan Oil, now available in The Provision House.