Salt Rox: The Himalayan Salt Plate

Our buyer for The Provision House, David, recently grilled with one of our newest products in The Provision House. Here is what he had to say about Salt Rox and the Salt Plate. 

Recently we had friends over and I thought it a prime time to product test for the 2S Ranch. Our Chinese friends were teaching everyone to make authentic dumplings but I knew a few guests didn't have discerning palates so I thought it wise to cook a little chicken and round out the options.

The Provision House is daily adding to the home goods carried in the online store and the future retail storefront (summer 2105). So in order to keep these new products flowing, I like to use my guests as guinea pigs to get a wider opinion than my own.

I was using the newest sample from Salt Ro (8x12x2 Salt Plate) to cook the chicken and in scientific fashion I chose to cook a portion of the chicken straight on the grill and some on the Salt Rox. To further sophisticate my testing I marinated some of the chicken in Teriyaki sauce. Bottom line, I was cooking the same things on both the Salt Rox (SR) and the traditional grill (TG).

I proceeded to use another sample, Kinloch pecan oil. Oil with a high smoke point (Pecan, Grape-Seed, Avocado, etc…) is required to layer the surface prior to cooking, so I chose to use my new bottle of pecan oil. It’s different than the more traditional cooking oils, in a good way. It is lighter in texture…it isn’t heavy and it has almost a buttery flavor. I did not detect any pecan flavor (I don’t really care for pecans) so I was ready to give it a try.

After appropriately heating the grill, I cooked, rearranged and flipped a couple of times and presto…the cooking was complete.

Bottom line…How did I not know about the Salt Rox before? It was excellent for thee reasons.

1) The salt! The SR chicken had a “just right” saltiness, evident beyond the Teriyaki marinade. Not too much salt but just right. This sentiment was widespread as the flavor from the SR chicken was simply better than that of the TG. Enough said.

2) The presentation…What do you mean? … a chicken is a chicken is a chicken. Slow down a moment... I may be an amateur griller, meaning I buy off the rack at Home Depot or Lowes but I do run a 5 burner with a side burner skillet…I digress.

When I bring the finished product inside I don’t like the embarrassment of charred food. I desire the presentation to be appetizing, but you see, this doesn’t always happen. Occasionally or perhaps often, I end the grill session with blackened (you insert the food choice here) whatever…and it isn’t supposed to be cajun. That’s not acceptable, although it has been my reality…until now. Not burned, not blackened, not charred but a beautifully grilled presentation was the SR result. It had just the right coloring and was cooked to my (and my guests) satisfaction. This presentation thing is no joke and was most evident as I placed the SR chicken and TG chicken next to each other for serving and tasting. In all honesty though this was an unexpected benefit…I had not considered this prior to my comparison cooking.

3) Flat out, the SR chicken was juicer and more tender. I don’t need to know all the science behind this but I imagine it has something to do with not being directly over the open flame. I was frankly so impressed by the flavor I didn’t stop long enough to consider why is was juicer or more tender. 

Final thoughts: This is a product that will always be on my grill going forward. The taste alone is worth the investment but the presentation was an added benefit. I think I can fit two more on my grill!

Well done Salt Rox…the 2S Ranch is pleased to endorse and offer the Himalayan Salt Rox through The Provision House.