A New Partnership- Holleman Farms

We are excited to partner with other local farms and ranches around the Dallas- Fort Worth metroplex to provide our customers with the healthiest meats possible! All partners of The Provision House are family owned farms and ranches that are committed to safe and healthy agriculture practices. They must hold to high standards of sustainable farming, being good stewards of the land and treating their livestock humanely. Our partners have agreed to provide The Provision House with as natural and organic products as possible. Like the 2S Ranch they are committed to not use preventive antibiotics or steroids on any livestock. Our partners process their meats at the USDA or a state of Texas approved facility. Our partners' products will be offered exclusively through The Provision House.

Having said that, we are beyond excited to partner with Holleman Farms! As we've mentioned before, the Hollemans raise the most natural, organic and pure chicken and pork (not to mention they are flavorful, tender and down right delicious!). This spring we will begin taking orders for free-range chickens and pork. If you're interested in ordering Holleman Farms' meats, please be sure that you have signed up to be a preferred customer on our Grass-Fed Beef page or on our new page, Other Meats

*If you've submitted your e-mail to us before, then there is no need to resubmit!