Juan Seguin

As tomorrow approaches and we "Remember the Alamo!" I was thinking of this very important messenger, Juan Seguin.  As a teenager in Mexico, Juan had a strong interest in politics.  When, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna repealed the Mexican Constitution of 1824, he was very critical of his contemporary Mexican leader and gladly joined the Texas Revolution to rid Texas of Santa Anna's rule.  He joined William B Travis on February 23, in the battle of the Alamo.  Because Seguin spoke some English and Spanish, he was chosen to carry the Alamo message through enemy lines, that the Texans "shall never surrender or retreat."  Seguin got that message through to the other soldiers, on the Texan side.  He then returned with men to reinforce the Alamo, but it had already fallen to Santa Anna's army.  

After the battle of the Alamo, Juan Seguin would reform cavalry companies at Gonzales and act as the rear guard, providing protection for fleeing Texas families and then with Captain Moseley Baker's company, would block the Mexican army from crossing the Brazos river, preventing them from overtaking the Texans.  His cavalry command would then fight in the victorious Battle of  San Jacinto.  In May 1836, he was promoted to lieutenant colonel and on June 4, as a representative of the Republic of Texas, he would accept the formal surrender of the Mexican forces in the Alamo!  Juan Seguin is a true Texas hero! 

Juan Seguin's story is one that all Texas children should know and is told beautifully in this book
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