Holleman Farms

Have we mentioned before that Martye's oldest nephew, RW Holleman, and his wife, Kristina have a farm? Well, they do! Greenville, TX is where they raise their free range chickens, pork and 9 children (you read that right... 9)!. In 2004 the Hollemans were looking for some space, a slower pace and a simpler way of life for a growing family, so they bought their one hundred-acre farm.  It took them a few years to realize that the farm could be used for more than just a giant playground for their kids.


Healthy eating for herself and her family has always been important to Kristina.  In an attempt to supply cleaner and more wholesome food for their family, they started raising chicken, pork, milking the family Jersey cow, and growing lots of fresh produce. Their meat is as pure and natural as it can come, not to mention... it's delicious!  They believe that their food should be real, clean, sustainably and humanely raised.  A big part of their success in farming is that they work together as a family. Their children help run the farm and are learning the valuable lesson that hands-on farming labor is good for the body, mind and soul. They have all learned and grown through the adventures, disasters, and rewarding moments of farming.