Davy Crockett

As we "Remember the Alamo!" we have to talk about David "Davy" Stern Crockett, one of the most colorful heroes of the Alamo.  Known as the "King of the Wild Frontier, " Davy Crockett gained a reputation for hunting and storytelling in Tennessee where he was a colonel in the militia and a member of the Tennessee state legislature.  He was also a member of the US House of Representatives for the state of Tennessee off and on from 1825 to 1835.  His narrow defeat in 1835 led to his decision to head to Texas.

His youngest daughter, Matilda, wrote that she distinctly remembered the last time she saw her father "dressed in his hunting suit, wearing a coonskin cap, and carrying a fine riffle... he seemed very confident that he would soon have us all to join him in Texas."

Crockett arrived at the Alamo on February 8 with a small company of volunteers.  They were surprised on February 23, when the Mexican army led by Santa Anna laid siege to the Alamo. The siege ended at dawn on March 6 when the brave and outnumbered Texans were overwhelmed by Santa Anna's army.  Susannah Dickinson, who was gathered with other noncombatants in the church sacristy for safety, said Crockett paused briefly to say a prayer before going out to make his final stand.

The story of Davy Crockett is a classic for all Texas children and should be a part of every child's library!  We are thrilled to carry it in The Provision House