Details Matter

No matter what it is that you're doing, details matter. Details make a statement and other people are sure to notice. When dressing, details show that you are confident and they can even add an element of elegance to a man's attire! We are excited to introduce you to our Texas ranch themed cufflinks in The Provision House. When dressing up for the evening, remember those iconic details that represent Texas so well.

Longhorn On Site.jpg




Longhorn Steer Cufflinks

A love for longhorns can be more than a university affiliation. Our longhorn cufflinks symbolize cattle, a rich ranching history, and all things Texan.







Buffalo Nickel Cufflinks

The buffalo nickel is an iconic symbol for Texas and the southwest. Appropriate for all occasions whether it be a groomsmen gift, a dinner with old friends or the annual fundraiser of your favorite charity, these Buffalo Nickel cufflinks are a class act. 






Beef Butcher Cuts Cufflinks

The 2S wouldn't be a respectable beef ranch if we didn't honor the cuts which come from our grass-fed/ grass-finished certified beef. 






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