Throwback Thursday & National Chocolate Mint Day

Throwback to when we used to eat at Luby's Cafeteria every Sunday! We would meet a few other families there after church and enjoy a Sunday lunch together. Our boys would moan and groan about eating there every Sunday... and I am literally talking about EVERY Sunday. We ate LuAnn Platters and drank iced tea. We did this for years! But my middle son, Trent, can't complain too much because this is in fact how he and my daughter in-law really got to know each other. You see, his wife, Holly, and her family were the other original family that started this Luby's tradition with us (Note to young parents: Pay attention to who your friends are now because your son could marry their daughter. It happened to us, we've known Holly's family from before she was even born. We sure are glad that we chose her parents to be our friends.). I can't say for sure, but I'm pretty positive that we actually closed down the Luby's that we would eat at, literally it closed and no longer exists but in our memories!  

So where I was going with TBT... Oh yes! This memory came to mind because today is National Chocolate Mint Day. I can't think of chocolate mints without thinking of Andes Chocolate Mints that they sold at the checkout counter of Luby's Cafeteria. After all of our years of eating at Luby's we have probably consumed a million of these chocolate mints each! Happy National Chocolate Mint Day!