Is Frozen Fresh?

We all know that "fresh" food is best, no matter if it's veggies, fruit or meat. However, is frozen beef really best and is it "fresh?"  

Here is what Lynne Curry says in her book, Pure Beef:

"Grass-fed beef is a seasonal product, available in most parts of North America from June to November. In other months, you'll only find frozen, and if you buy your beef directly from a rancher or through a meat-buying collective, frozen is what you get. 

Fresh meat has long been the standard, but the reality is especially grass-fed, frozen is better. It allows the ranchers to determine the best time of year to slaughter their animals- typically after the height of the grass-growing season in late summer or early fall. The beef can be aged, butchered, packaged and stored for feature sales without any concerns about compromising the meat's quality or safety. One meat scientist also mentioned that freezing can improve grass-fed beef's tenderness because the ice crystals puncture the meat fibers, though it does purge additional water once thawed (FYI: the red liquid in the bag is not blood but water colored red from myoglobin, a protein pigment in muscles). "


Reprinted with permission from Pure Beef © 2012 by Lynne Curry, Running Press, a member of the Perseus Book Group.