Lifelong Valentines

Here's a look back at the day that Martye and Bart became lifelong Valentines. It's always fun to look at old pictures and think, "If only I could tell them," or "what would they have thought then if I told them..." For instance, what would they have thought if I told them that they would have three sons and no daughters? What would Martye have thought if I were to tell her that she was going to take (or suffer through) a backpacking trip through the Grand Canyon with her 4 guys? What would they have thought it I told them that muscle cars and convertibles would be out of the question and they would be driving around a big, blue 1989 suburban for about 15 years? What would Bart have thought if I told him that his most defining characteristic now would be his mustache and not his thick, brown (now white) hair? What would they have thought if I had told them that their 6 (so far) grandkids would call them Honey and Granddaddy? What would they have thought if I had told them that they would be selling grass-fed/grass-finished beef from their own ranch on something called the internet? So fun to imagine what their reactions would have been like to these events that have happened in their happily ever after (so far)!  Happy Valentine's Day!