A Stamp of Approval

There are lots of labels thrown around on beef packaging. As we've discussed before, labels can be confusing and quite frankly, dishonest. But what does it mean for meat to be "certified" and why is it important? 

"The principle behind third-party certification is to offer assurances to consumers to help them make purchasing decisions in line with their values. This became necessary to prevent beef brands from making unverified marketing claims like 'natural' and 'pasture-raised.' A seal from an independent party has become one way to guarantee the authenticity of any claim for natural, grass-fed, organic or humane animal treatment. All third-party certification programs involve voluntary on-farm inspections (at a cost to the producer) to certify that their livestock operation practices are in accordance with their marketing and labels."  

-Reprinted with permission from Pure Beef © 2012 by Lynne Curry, Running Press, a member of the Perseus Book Group