My son, Trent, has a good friend who is a professional chef. Trent enjoys doing some cooking and likes to brainstorm fun things to whip up in the kitchen with his friend. He happened to mention to his chef friend that we like to be good stewards of our processed cattle and use as much of the cow as possible (including all of the beef, bones and organs). Trent also mentioned that we had two cow heads sitting in the freezers at The Provision House. His friend mentioned that the beef that comes off of the cow's face is very tender and is in fact some of the best meat. Hence, my daughter in-law would be roasting a literal cow head in her oven! 

The meat that comes off of the cow's head comes from the cheeks. It's called barbacoa. Most restaurants who serve "barbacoa" in fact just serve brisket. The two are very similar. 

Trent was out on a morning run and his wife, Holly, was in charge of prepping the head. She was a team player to say the least. She applied the rub, covered the head in foil and put it in her oven to roast all day. It may not sound too terrible, but the head is very heavy and it still had teeth and one eye. 

After roasting all day, the meat was literally falling off the bone. Holly and Trent hosted several of their neighbors and they enjoyed barbacoa tacos. Trent's chef friend, cooked cow tongue in his slow cooker all day and they also enjoyed that. They said both were very tender and flavorful (I knew they would be flavorful... all 2S beef is flavorful!).