Having started selling our grass-fed/finished beef this last year I have realized many things. One realization I've found is that people have priorities and are (many times) not willing to change those priorities. When it comes to pure, grass-fed/finished beef, people like to tell me that the reason they do not eat it is because it's usually more expensive than conventionally raised beef. I get that, we all get that. However, when you look at the health benefits for yourself, your spouse, your children, your grandchildren etc. why wouldn't you want to serve them the best beef possible? 

I don't know about you, but the health of my family is very important to me. I would do anything to help ensure that my family is healthy. Anything including spending a little more in order to serve the healthiest beef possible. To make that happen, it may mean that I cut back on spending in another area of my life (cable bill, vacations, shopping for clothing, eating dinner out etc.) and make eating pure beef a priority. Eating healthy, pure meats shouldn't be a delicacy, it should be a lifestyle. Have you considered making grass-fed/finished beef a priority for you and your family?