A Small Change in The New Year

People always have good intentions to make themselves better in the new year but it seems to only last a few days or maybe a couple of weeks. For example, gyms are always packed in January with people who are ready to get back in shape.... but the gyms tend to become less busy throughout February and March.  Let's face it, change can many times be hard. If you're looking to live a healthier life in 2016 consider making a minor change. Change from eating store bought beef to eating grass-fed/ finished beef from a rancher that you know and/or trust. The health benefits of grass-fed/finished beef are HUGE! To name just a few:

  • 80% Less Total Fat
  • 30% Less Cholesterol
  • 4 Times More Vitamin A
  • 10 Times More Vitamin E
  • High Levels of Conjugated Linolenic Acid (reduces heart disease & lowers the risk of cancer)

Making a change from eating beef bought at the grocery store to eating grass-fed/finished beef from a rancher you know and/or trust is an easy solution to eating healthier. You'll feel better physically and you'll know that you're feeding your family and children the healthiest beef possible... not to mention, it tastes better! Try making a small change when it comes to a healthier 2016!