Christmas Gifts... Check!

Christmas season is in full swing around here. Martye's nativities are popping up all around the house, the Christmas tree is up and Blue even has a Christmas bandana around her collar. I guess that means it's time for me to start working on my Christmas shopping. However, I think I already know exactly what I'm going to give. 2S beef. It's that simple. I know my sons will love this! They love a good steak. My daughter in-laws will also appreciate this tasty gift because it will help them with their family grocery shopping. Martye on the other hand.... she might be a little disappointed to not find something beautiful and sparkly in a small box under the tree. But, I do know what really makes her happy and that's her grands. I know for a fact my boys will pack up their families and hurry over with their children when she calls and tells them she's been smoking a brisket all day.  #smarterthanyouraveragecowboy