Bones Heal

When you see a bone you don't usually think much of it. If might make you think of death or wonder what type of living being that might have belonged to. But you probably don't think about the health benefits that a bone might offer to you! 

Sure, you can't eat the bone (ouch that might hurt!) but inside of that hard shell locked away are tons of essential nutrients! Nutrients that are anti-inflammatory and gut-healing proteins, healthy fats, and a wealth of minerals just sitting there! Animals know this because many times they eat the bones of a dead animal. Unlike animals, we cannot just eat the bones so we have to cook them in order to glean the riches that are inside! Think beef broth!

At the 2S Ranch we are committed to being good stewards not only of the land but also of our cattle. That includes not wasting any of the cow. We not only harvest the traditional beef cuts, but also the meat in the face, the tongue, the bones and even a few of the organs. We prefer nothing to be wasted or thrown away if at all possible, especially since there are many health benefits for us.