RA Brown Ranch Bull Sale

Some folks can't wait for the Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog to come out each year.  I can't wait for the RA Brown Ranch Annual Bull Sale Catalog to come out. This is the Brown's 41st Bull Sale.  The RA Brown Ranch is located in Throckmorton County, about two counties northwest of Palo Pinto. The Browns have been ranching in Throckmorton since 1906.  They are a great ranching family highly regarded throughout Texas.  I enjoy pouring over their Catalog.

Sidenote:  The Browns put all their young bulls through "two-a-days." They place the young bulls' water source on a hill so that in order to drink water the bulls must go up the hill and come back down to graze. This exercise assures all potential bull purchasers that the young bulls have good leg, which  is important for breeding.  You sure don't want to purchase a bull that is hobbled and can't breed!