The Fast Food Society & The Industrial Farm (Continued)

Recently, Martye and I had the occasion to dine with several couples (These couples were not ranchers. One couple sells big farm equipment, one was a CPA, and the other couple is in manufacturing.). These couples had raised their grown children on the system of CAFO (Centralized Animal Feeding Operations) production and "fast food" dining.  One of the gentleman bellowed out, "Now tell me the difference between grass-fed and feedlot beef."  Martye kindly mentioned many of the health benefits of grass-fed. I chimed in with some animal welfare comments.  Martye then went on to say, "The fat of grass-fed beef is yellowish in color due to the higher levels of beta carotene (aka high nutrients)." The same gentleman remarked,  "Heck, yellow fat means you've processed an older cow!" He got laughs from the other couples.  That is what he wanted, especially at our expense. What he did was actually show his ignorance.  I caught Martye's glimpse and winked at her as the other couples gobbled down their meals.

The industrial farm complex will continue to process cattle/beef faster for the fast food demands of our society, as long as society desires and demands it.

Over time Martye & I have changed our attitude toward food.  Borrowing the words of Robert Mondavi,  "Food is warmth of heart and generosity of spirit....... It's culture. It's the essence of civilization and the art of living."

By purchasing 2S beef you actually do more than bypassing the industrial feedlot complex, you honor our animals, the way we ranch and you honor us. The farm to table movement is bold and fresh. It "enhances the vitality of dinner at your table".   Indeed the farm to table movement is very different from the CAFO system which supplies the fast food sector.  The farm to table movement is a culture and a mindset not to mention, the art of living well.