From Our Hands

Did you know that by the time beef from the grocery store reaches your hands it has already been handled by about 20 other hands? The rancher, the processor, the packer, the truck driver, the stocker, the store clerk etc. The more hands that touch your beef means that there is a higher chance of contaminated meat.

We're proud of the fact that our beef has only been handled by two hands before it reaches you, our hands and Fischer's Meat Market.  We raise the cattle and personally deliver them to Fischer's Meat Market. Fischer's processes the beef and we personally return and pick it up. We drive the beef straight to The Provision House where it is placed in commercial grade freezers waiting for you.

Our store customers don't have to worry about their beef being mishandled either. All of the employees of The Provision House have all taken a food handling course and take great precaution when removing meat from the freezers. 

Another great perk of knowing your rancher!